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If you are teaching computer ethics, you have a great opportunity over the next two years to engage your students with the ACM's Code of Ethics and Professional Practice. The ACM's Committee on Professional Ethics (COPE) has been tasked with updating the Code, which was last revised in 1992. ...continue reading "Exciting times: ACM’s ethics committee is on the move!"


Here is a simple in-class exercise I use to illustrate how Rawls's veil of ignorance can help us evaluate whether or not a set of rules are "fair." ...continue reading "A simple exercise for teaching the veil of ignorance"

Here is an activity that I use on the first day of class. The goal is to get students to start thinking about their values. Ethics is only useful for well-meaning people that already have some values, and want to figure out how to apply them. ...continue reading "Introductions and Values"