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Readings – Semester overview

This semester I'm using all 9 chapters of the current draft of Ethics in a Computing Culture. I'm supplementing this with:

  • Ch 3: "An Analysis of Student Privacy Rights in Plagiarism Detection" by Bo Brinkman (submitted to JSEE). "The Murderer" by Ray Bradbury (in The Golden Apples of the Sun)
  • Ch 5: "Computing and Accountability" by Nissenbaum (Communications of the ACM January 1994, 37(1), 73-80)
  • Ch 6: "The Erotic Ontology of Cyberspace" by Michael Heim (in The Metaphysics of Virtual Reality). Understanding Media by Marshall McLuhan, Introduction and Chapters 1 and 4. Laws of Media by Marshall McLuhan, excerpts from Chapters 3 and 4 to introduce students to McLuhan's tetrad (particularly like the "Washing Machine" tetrad, based on Ruth Schwartz Cowan's More Work for Mother, which I have been using for years.)
  • Ch 8: Either Player Piano by Kurt Vonnegut or The Speed of Dark by Elizabeth Moon (student's choice).

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